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Shogun Method Black Book VOLUME 3 features brand new Shogun Method strategies and advanced Shogun Sequences developed to bring your Mind Control attraction skills to the next level

  • Module 1: Implanted Memories. A super advanced "mind hacking" technique that makes your target "remember" something that is entirely false (to your advantage)
  • Module 2: Conscious Overload. Get her to be more receptive to your Shogun Method tactics by overloading her conscious mind... so that her susceptible subconscious takes over
  • Module 3: Pattern Interruption. A remarkably effective way to switch a woman from Cold to Hot mode by disrupting her usual behavior and speech patterns
  • Module 4: Sexual Value Gap. Ever wondered why certain techniques work for others, but don't work for you? Here's the answer
  • Module 5: Double Bind. A sneaky trick on how to convince a woman to always make choices that YOU want her to make (without her realizing it)
Shogun Method Black Book Vol 3

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What's Inside The Program

  • Exploit a weakness in the human mind and make your target remember a FALSE MEMORY (to your benefit)
  • Plant a False Memory in your target's mind about her boyfriend cheating on her (and make her dump him)
  • Get your ex-girlfriend or wife to "remember" positive (false) memories so that she feels compelled to come back to your arms
  • Construct "shared memories" effortlessly even when you've got limited access to her (for example, in long-distance relationships)
  • Overload her conscious mind so that her subconscious takes over... which you can then follow up with standard Shogun Method tactics and Shogun Sequences
  • Make her "Zone Out" and leave her vulnerable to your suggestions and manipulation
  • Use three new Shogun Sequences to overload her conscious mind: one of each advanced IRAE stage - Rapport, Attraction and Emotional Addiction
  • Get a woman to switch from "Cold" mode to "Hot" effortlessly using the Pattern Interrupt tactic
  • Use the three-step "Greeting" Interrupt to make a woman fall under trance quickly and easily (easy to do even by the novice)
  • Use the "Conversational Hooks" Interrupt as a quick Rapport building device (tremendously useful as you escalate from Intrigue to Rapport stage)
  • Ever wondered why certain techniques seem to work only on certain women? Here's the authoritative answer: "Sexual Value Gap" (learn what it is inside Module 4)
  • How to make a woman see you as a high-value male automatically (by moulding her subconscious perception of you)
  • Why you don't have to go "balls to the wall" with Shogun Method and still get great results (as long as the Sexual Value Gap is high)
  • Discover the three surefire tactics on how to boost your Sexual Value with immediate effect
  • How to compel your target to make choices which are favorable to you - using the "Double Bind" tactic
  • How to combine the Double Bind with Pattern Interrupts as a "one-two" punch to build killer rapport with a woman
  • How to combine the Double Bind with the classic Boyfriend Destroyer to make a woman despise her boyfriend and make her want to be with you instead
  • ...and more!
Social Shogun Guidebook

The Premium "Social Shogun Guidebook" Program Is Free With Every Purchase Of Shogun Method Black Book Volume 3



A precursor to Beyond Enslavement, the Social Shogun Guidebook adapts a handful of core Shogun Method principles to be used to gain power in everyday situations. Recommended for Shoguns who want to be more persuasive in their daily dealings with people - co-workers, bosses, friends, family, strangers on the street, your enemies or rivals, anyone.

  • The concept of "Social Value Marketplace" - how to use Shogun Method to climb the ladder to the top of the value pyramid
  • Three Rules of Social Value - obey these like you would obey Shogun Method's Three Preconditions
  • Three types of Social Value - OSV + DSV + ISV - learn how these three tiers will form how other people will look at you (and accept your dominance over them)
  • Specific steps and examples on how to increase your Social Value quickly (in four ways)
  • How to spot freeloaders and leeches - the seven archetypes of social bloodsuckers to watch out for and avoid
  • How social relationships develop (similar to IRAE Model) and how to use this knowledge to gain the upper hand in the relationship early on
  • The three Shogun Method techniques - Value Elicitation, Anchoring and Implanted Commands used to gain power and dominance over your victims (with specific examples and step-by-step strategies)
Seven Hot Questions

The Premium "Seven Hot Questions" Program Is Free With Every Purchase Of Shogun Method Black Book Volume 3

This program is available only as an exclusive bonus to the Black Book volume 3 package. It is not sold anywhere else for any price.



The "Seven Hot Questions" program contains seven questions you can ask a woman to intrigue and build deep rapport with her. Usually used in the Intrigue and Rapport stages, these questions will make it much easier for you to escalate to the advanced stages of the IRAE Model quickly.

  • Hot Question #1: "Is That * *** Or A **?" This could be the easiest way to make a woman comply with your wishes quickly
  • Hot Question #2: "Can You **** ** ****?" When a woman starts being cold to you, use this question to make her "Hot" again
  • Hot Question #3: "When Were You ******** In Your Life?" This is a shortened version of the infamous Value Elicitation routine inside Shogun Sequences Handbook, and could be as effective. Try it!
  • Hot Question #4: "Mind If ** ***** ****?" This is the "Recovery Trump Card" which you can use when a woman is falling off the IRAE sequence
  • Hot Question #5: "How Do You *** **?" A "Late Rapport" stage conversational hack which you can use as a final step to escalate to the Attract stage effortlessly.
  • Hot Question #6: "Are You Ready ** **?" A mental trick you can play on a woman during the Intrigue or Rapport stage to deepen her emotional investment in you.
  • Hot Question #7: "What Do *** Want ** ****?" A nifty way to plant the Benjamin Franklin effect in her mind even though she may be extra resistant to you.

Think of the "Seven Hot Questions" as your Rapport Swiss Army Knife - with them, you'll never run out of things to say or ask. And every question you ask will inch you closer towards the next stage in the IRAE Model. Highly recommended.

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Shogun Method Black Book Volume 3


Social Shogun Guidebook
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