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Weaponize your conversational skills and subtly push her into Enslavement stage without her knowing it

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Inside Shogun Sequences Handbook Volume 2:

This Armory Of Battle-Tested Shogun Sequences Will Take Your Shogun Method Skills To Grandmaster Level

Controlling, dominating and emotionally enslaving a woman is like shooting fishes in a barrel with this pack of industrial strength Shogun Sequences® - no prior experience of hypnosis is necessary



An advanced Shogun Sequence which covertly persuades a woman to release her inhibitions and act on her primal urges. Get her to “let go” and lower her defenses against you! Especially effective on “good” women who are seemingly hard to seduce.

The Mystery Box

Create a high amount of Intrigue so that you can catch her attention and quickly move on to the Rapport stage in the IRAE Model. If you’re having sticking points in coming up with good Intrigue Pings then this Shogun Sequence is the solution.

Twisted Bliss

Deploy this on an attached woman so that she is persuaded to take a chance with you, forgetting about the “dangers” of ruining her relationship with her partner. Best used in conjunction with the standard Boyfriend Destroyer routine in Shogun Method.

One Winged Angel

A one-of-a-kind Shogun Sequence which utilizes “negative Anchoring” to make a woman develop an intense dislike for her boyfriend (or anyone else who may be interested in her). Use this to destroy your competitors!

Synchronicity Lite

Immediately increase your Sexual Value in her eyes by using this variation of the classic Value Elicitation Sequence combined with Mirroring and Projection techniques. Best used in the Rapport stage to escalate quickly to Attract stage in the IRAE Model.

False Memory Sequence

Force her to “remember” that she had once referred to you as her ideal man (even though she has not). “False Memories” is an advanced Shogun Method tactic which can be devastatingly powerful when used correctly - this Shogun Sequence gives you a quick way to get the results you want.

False Memory Sequence (ReSeduction Variation)

This is a ReSeduction variation of the False Memory Sequence which you can use to revive a failing relationship. Using it, you’ll implant a False Memory which forces her love for you to gradually rejuvenate. Powerful stuff.

The Breakup Preventer

Feeling that your woman might be deciding to leave you? The Breakup Preventer works by forcing her to think of the bad things that will happen if the relationship is over. Make her feel the pain even before the breakup happens - so that she gets second thoughts about leaving you.

Hyper Enslavement

This Shogun Sequence is one of those rare Enslavement stage routines (apart from the classic Black Rose Sequence). Use this to strengthen the Enslavement effect especially when you feel that it is wearing off.

Cold Mode Engager

Your woman may well be targeted by other men - especially when you’re not with her physically. “Inoculate” her from the advances of other men using the Cold Mode Engager sequence and be safe!


The Rainmaker Sequence makes her see you as an educated, interesting person worthy of her attention. Use it as a powerful Intrigue Ping which you can use in a variety of situations.

Rusty Nail

This is an “anti-breakup” Shogun Sequence for use on problematic relationships or failing marriages. Combine it with the Breakup Preventer as a “last resort” - if you think that a breakup or divorce is imminent.

Dream Evil

If you’re looking for an easy way to escalate physically with any woman, then look no further! The Dream Evil sequence makes her want to live out her sexual fantasies and carry them out in a safe environment… with you.

Frozen Tears

“Freezing out” is a potent Shogun Method technique which you can use to revive a woman’s interest in you. The Frozen Tears sequence takes it a step further and mind-fuck a woman like nothing else - remember to exercise constraint!


Contextual Rapport is how you fall into the Friend Zone. Use the Amethyst sequence to breeze through the Rapport stage and build attraction quickly by getting her to see you as a potential lover, not merely a “Friend”.

Lost Souls

Your target may have a bad impression of you for a variety of reasons. Use this Shogun Sequence to make her see that you’re unlikely other guys, making you stand out from the crowd.

A Kiss In The Dark

Another physical escalation Sequence, deploy it to plant the thought in her mind that you may choose to get physical with her - but only under your own terms. This puts power in your hands, making YOU the arbiter of sex instead of her.

Reverse Mind Games

Mind games come naturally to women! If she is showing signs of trying to mind-fuck you, then fight fire with fire - use this Shogun Sequence on her. Put her on the brink of rejection while giving her just enough hope to stay in the relationship.

Red Pill, Blue Pill

This Shogun Sequence is a powerful Rapport builder which makes her associate you with freedom, exhilaration and enjoyment. It also allows her to loosen up and take risks doing new things with you.

Misdirection Sequence

Misdirection is a standard Shogun Method technique you can use to draw a woman’s conscious attention to something else while you plant a thought into her subconscious mind. Use this Shogun Sequence as a way to make her imagine anything you want her to.

Ladder of Agreement

This Shogun Sequence builds on the “Yes Ladder” Shogun Method technique which you can use to get a woman to comply with your wishes. Use it on a “stubborn” woman and you’ll get her subservience to you quickly and easily.

Phoenix Rising

Stuck in a sexless long-term relationship or marriage? Deploy this Shogun Sequence and your girlfriend or wife will crave your touch once again! Here’s how it works - it makes her imagine lovemaking in a highly erotic environment in a vivid way.


If your woman has gone cold on you, all you need to do is to “force” her to think about you even if she’s trying to forget you. The Indirection Sequence will do this for you by provoking her (it sounds harsh, but it works.)


This unique Shogun Sequence allows you to implant into her mind the idea that her feelings for you are beyond human description, convincing her that her connection and rapport with you is true and deep.


With this Shogun Sequence, you will be challenging her statements and disqualifying her advances. Deliver this Sequence correctly (follow the instructions inside Notes From the Field) and expect her to start chasing you.


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Free With Shogun Sequences Handbook Volume 2:



Know How To Deploy Your Shogun Sequences Effectively - Download The Exclusive Notes From The Field Guide For Free

Free With Every Purchase Of Shogun Sequences Handbook Volume 2

Notes From The Field contains important tips on how to deploy Shogun Sequences effectively in order to get the best results for you

  • Developed by our master instructors led by Derek Rake from intensive in-field research and testing
  • Unique, separate instructions and tips for each of the 25 Shogun Sequences
  • Discover which Shogun Sequence to deploy inside which IRAE stage
  • Know exactly which Shogun Sequence to use given your specific situation or sticking point
  • Understand how to combine the Sequences with broader Shogun Method tactics for optimal results
  • Specific pitfalls to avoid when delivering each Shogun Sequence
  • ...and more!

Free With Shogun Sequences Handbook Volume 2:



Add An Enslavement-Focused Shogun Sequence To Your Shogun Method Arsenal - Download The Exclusive Jewel Coding Sequence Premium Program For Free


The Jewel Coding Sequence is an alternative to Shogun Method's Black Rose Sequence to be used in the Enslavement stage. In many cases, the Jewel Coding Sequence can be simpler to use (because relies more on storytelling than hypnosis), and can work better especially if her Attraction levels to you have dipped somewhat.

A worthy addition to your Shogun Method arsenal!

  • The complete nine steps blueprint to Enslave a woman with the Jewel Coding Sequence (essential!)
  • How to tweak the Black Rose to transform it into Jewel Coding (so that you don’t have to start from scratch)
  • Exact word-for-word scripts to use - these have been tested comprehensively in the Derek Rake Insider Labs (use with 100% confidence)
  • A list of suggested “alter ego names” which you can use to create the Enslaved personality under your authority and command
  • ...and more!

Free With Shogun Sequences Handbook Volume 2:



Improve Your Delivery Of Shogun Sequences To Achieve Maximum Results - Download The Exclusive Verbal Dominance Premium Program For Free


Shogun Method gives you the knowledge on how to think and act like a dominant man. Verbal Dominance gives you the ability to speak like a dominant man.

You will discover...

  • …what the ten Verbal Weaknesses are, and how to fix them, one-by-one
  • …the biggest Verbal Weakness is (R*** A*******), and how it is making you sound feeble (many guys do this without knowing it!)
  • …how to stop sounding that you are seeking her approval even when you don’t mean it
  • …how to avoid letting emotions “bleed” into your voice (which will make you sound like a woman)
  • …ways to exert your dominance with small cues and verbal punctuation (easy but deadly effective)
  • …why humor and self-deprecation is absolutely HORRIBLE and should be avoided completely
  • …how to stop sounding whiny, nasal and squeaky (biggest turnoff for a woman, bar none)
  • ...and more.

If you’re using Shogun Sequences to escalate a woman up the IRAE stages, then Verbal Dominance is an absolute, must-have skill.


Free With Shogun Sequences Handbook Volume 2:



Sound Masculine With These Four Easy Voice Hacks - Download The Exclusive Masculine Voice Hacks Premium Program For Free


A complement to the Verbal Dominance program, Masculine Voice Hacks is about verbal kungfu–it’s how Shoguns respond to challenges, arguments and insults from women - also known as Shit Tests.

You will learn…

  • How to develop the “Masculine Voice” - the opposite of the weaker, less dominant and unattractive “Feminine Voice”
  • The four deadly traits of “Feminine Voice” - see if you have them, and how to remove them immediately
  • The problem of “Hindsighting” (99% of all guys make this mistake) - how to catch it from slipping into your conversations and making you weak in front of your woman
  • The four “Masculine Voice Hacks” and how to use them immediately to sound manly, confident and dominant (she will surrender to your dominance subconsciously and not know why)
  • “Heat Switching” Hack - How to stop being on the defensive and launch the classic Shogun Method-style “verbal counterattack”
  • “Self-Echoing” Hack - How to avoid having to explain yourself… so that you are always operating from the point of power in your relationship
  • “Check-Out” Hack - How to win an argument by default… remember that the best victory is one in which you don’t have to fight (I will show you how to do this)
  • “Agreeing More Forcefully” Hack - This completely punctures a woman’s verbal attacks and takes the wind out of her sails… so that she loses her motivation to shit-test you.
  • And more!

Having the Masculine Voice will make her develop respect and admiration for you. All successful Shoguns have strong Masculine Voices: put this on top of your to-do list immediately - it’s that important!


Free With Shogun Sequences Handbook Volume 2:



Add The 11:11 Shogun Sequence To Your Shogun Method Arsenal - Download The Exclusive Synchronicity Premium Program For Free

The Synchronicity: 11:11 Shogun Sequence bonus premium program offer expires on...


Capture her heart and light her imagination on fire. Synchronicity is a program expertly crafted by Derek Rake's team, drawing inspiration from Carl Jung's classic work. Prepare to embark on a journey that intertwines fate, destiny, and emotional addiction.

What you’ll get from this premium bonus program–

  • Master the 11:11 Shogun Sequence. Escalate her from early Rapport stage to deep Attraction within the IRAE Model: there’s no easier way.
  • Unlock the Secrets of Synchronicity. Delve into the mystical realm with the complete, word-for-word 11:11 Shogun Sequence. Experience the power of synchronicity as it forges an emotional bond between you and her.
  • Penetrate Her Psyche. Hack into her mind and paint a vivid picture that your presence in her life is a divine sign from the Universe. Watch as she becomes convinced that destiny has brought you two together.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Analysis. Get a breakdown of the 11:11 in five parts, complemented by expert commentary. Unveil the nuances and subtleties that make this technique truly effective.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Analysis. Get a breakdown of the 11:11 in five parts, complemented by expert commentary. Unveil the nuances and subtleties that make this technique truly effective.
  • Amplify Your Impact. Learn the art of stacking the Shogun Sequence with the anchoring effect. Unveil the exact words and strategic placements of anchors for the biggest impact. Leave a lasting imprint on her subconscious mind.

Unlock the hidden potential within you and forge an unbreakable connection with women. Embrace the power of Synchronicity. Let destiny guide your journey to love and fulfillment.

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