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The Story Of Joe And His Texting Adventures

Joe (not his real name) is a very unique guy...he has bought every single product that I have ever published. But, he never really used any of it! He felt he was too shy and would never be able to make any of it work in real life.

Yet, like many guys who are having problems with their love lives, he kept buying products and kept studying and learning everything he could get his hands on.

Joe and the bombshell who eventually stalked him!

Joe and the bombshell who eventually stalked him!

Finally, he called me up one day and spilled his guts, telling me how nothing would ever work for him because he was too shy... that he didn't even have the confidence to talk freely to a small group consisting of his own friends and relatives.

After chatting for a bit, I asked him this -

"Joe, do you fare any better over the phone?"

He cleared his throat, and answered, "Yes, remarkable better, actually. However, I'm still not good enough, I reckon. I still can't get a girl to be interested enough to go out on a date with me."

Of course, my next question was this -

"Well, about texting then? Can you do that?"

"Yes, of course," he replied. "I'm comfortable with texting and I use it a lot."

"Okay, tell you what. I'll send you some text messages that I use for my private client practice and you can use them. What you think?"

Joe admitted he didn't think this was even a possibility since texting seems so impersonal, but said that he would give it a shot.

Several weeks later, he called me back, and with very mixed feelings, he told me...

"Derek! It worked but I really don't want to see this girl anymore."


Very confused, I asked Joe to elaborate.

The good news was that Joe was able to use nothing but text messages to go from "first contact" ... and all the way into the bedroom!

(With Joe's permission, I will share the entire blow-by-blow "text conversation" that he used with the girl.)

He had finally broken his dry spell of 6+ months (which was when his ex-girlfriend broke up with him.)

But...he said that he didn't want to see this girl anymore... and although she was a complete bombshell, she turned out to be a psycho possessive stalker that I would constantly warn my clients about.

Bombshell Stalking Me? Blimey, That's A Good Problem To Have!

Joe's "bombshell stalking me" experience is definitely not some extraordinary to me because, let's face it -if you're familiar with my work, then I use some pretty hardcore mind control and deep psychology techniques which some may find objectionable.

My techniques work like gangbusters, and I will not be apologetic about it. After all, my clients pay me good money to help them, and it's therefore my moral responsibility to equip them with the absolute best when it comes to dating and seduction tactics.

Joe's experience has convinced me to put everything together in a neat little package:- all the techniques I taught him, the sample text messages he used as well as an in-depth analysis of what worked for him. After all, I can reach out to more people and help more guys by publishing a digital course than to work on one client at a time.

So here's what you're going to get inside the TextingOnSteroids package:-

  • Why texting is seen as "harmless fun" and a "fantasy escape" by women, and how you can exploit this belief to your advantage
  • How to use texting messages that stir up a woman's emotion and imagination.. learn how to get her hot and bothered!
  • Why texting is a double-edged sword... and how it may ruin your game if you use it wrongly (be wary of these mistakes!)
  • The Derek Rake Top Ten Text Seduction Rules to live by... violate this at your own peril
  • Why it's important to completely nail your first message... and how to intrigue her enough to get her to reply to you immediately
  • A simple trick to ethically "force" her response using "Open Loop" storytelling techniques
  • Discover the "Nicknaming" trick that builds rapport and breeds familiarity... this is also something you can use if you're messaging her on Facebook
  • Why you must ALWAYS wait for a reply... or you'll be seen as a desperate, frustrated chump
  • The definitive rule about the time you should wait before you send a reply (we have comprehensively tested this stuff)
  • Using Fractionation over text - this core SonicSeduction™ technique is extra effective even when texting (learn how to do it correctly)
  • Before you can text her, you must first get her number. Here are two fail proof strategies that almost nobody else use
  • How to retain control of your text conversation like a pro (losing control means losing her interest... forever)
  • Using humor tactics to make your text funny and compelling - this will make her look forward to receiving your texts... and get her to feel disappointed if you don't text her
  • The tactful way to inject sexuality in your texts without sounding like a pervert or a desperate jerk
  • Learn to push the boundaries by injecting playfulness in your text while being increasingly suggestive
  • (Advanced tactic) Discover how to introduce physical sensations in your text and make her "feel" you by reading your text
  • (Advanced tactic) How to use "Creative Visualizations" to stir up her imagination, create good feelings and associate those feelings with you
  • (Advanced tactic) Sexual talk - that's all I am going to say here for now. 🙂
  • A blow-by-blow, line-by-line analysis of Joe's texts and why they work (feel free to copy-and-paste for your own benefit!)
  • Lifetime access to the DerekRakeHQ membership platform where you can get unlimited coaching by Derek Rake and his world famous team of certified coaches


TextingOnSteroids works best on single women. Beyond that, what you do with it is your business - and your responsibility.

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The Only Texting Guide You'll Ever Need, Period.

Sharing the same core philosophy behind SonicSeduction, the TextingOnSteroids package is the most complete, specialized guide on texting ever published.

  • [1] Core Modules

    Contains the complete strategy and blueprint on how to use text in dating, especially on how to generate attraction and sustain interest.

  • [2] Joe's Case Study

    A blow-by-blow analysis on what worked and what not in Joe’s case, with extra tips and tactics not inside the Core Manual.

  • [3] Premium Coaching

    Derek Rake and his team of coaches will be ready to answer all your questions to help you succeed under any circumstance.

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