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What You Can Do Today To Immediately Increase Your Chances Of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend (Or Wife) Back

Important message from Derek Rake's relationship recovery specialist who has helped more than 800+ couples around the world

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If you are currently in "mid-breakup" with a woman and have already tried all that you can to win her back - but failed, then you will find this article extremely vital. In fact, it might be the most important information that you read all year.

What EXACTLY does your ex want to get from you?

You probably have no idea.

Were you aware that at least 75% of the male population do not know the answer to this question? But wait, it gets worse: the majority of women do not know the answer, either.

So with this at the back of your mind, I'd be surprised if you still wonder why you can't get through to your ex and say or do things that can win her back.


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Now, Here Is A Little Known "Secret" To Getting Your Woman Back...

What I'm going to tell you next would be the SECOND MOST VITAL thing you need to know to win her back:

>> Do not listen to what she says... instead, observe what she does! <<

I could actually write an entire book about this subject.

As a matter of fact, I have - and you can find out more about that book here...

...however, for now, let me share more insight on that particular statement.

You see, everything that is happening in your current breakup has resulted because of certain mixed signals.

For instance, has she said that she still has feelings for you?

And importantly, how were you affected by this?

You probably got those hopes of yours up and started thinking that there is a great chance of you getting back together...

However, when you attempt to fix things, she still throws up reasons and excuses on why it would be best for you to stay friends.

It seems that the more you try to fix things, the more she ends up pulling away.

However, if you would learn to understand the situation better, you would see the truth of what is going on:-

She loves the person that she met and would like to be with that person, but she doesn't want to be with the person that you have become because of the breakup.

So, what would the solution be here?

What you need to do is go back to being the way you were when you met her for the first time.

Think back to that time right now.

Where you acting and thinking the same way you do now when you went on your very first date? Probably not.

Now, you have to move back from the overall situation, take a look at the whole thing from a more realistic view point (see DEADLY LIE #1 in my report) and put the puzzle pieces together somehow.

  • What kind of person were you before you met her?
  • How did this change while you were in the relationship?
  • Has the breakup changed you into someone completely different?

Taking some time off to think about all of this and answer the above questions in order to take action and fix the personal mistakes that you have made would be a vital step to winning your ex back.

The one DEADLY mistake that could immediately DESTROY your chances of getting her back...

In my free Deadly Seduction Lies report above, I mentioned that we always want the things that we cannot have. This would be the main principle for the NEXT MOST VITAL factor involved in winning your girl back, and that's what I'm going to share with you next.

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