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Everything I Have Mentioned Until Now Has Led To One VITAL Step That You Have To Take Now.

This particular step will completely change things around when it comes to your breakup... and it will do it literally overnight.

Now, I have been holding back on this since I wanted you to take in everything that I said first. After all, with the right mindset, this particular strategy will be a hundred times more effective.

Are you still with me?

Great. Then let's get to it:

Do you remember when I asked you on the previous page about how fast you the breakup would end once you get her to she feel the intense desire to be with you?

Well, now you can make her feel what YOU feel and pave a new road to winning back what is rightfully yours.

How, you ask?

It's easy. It just has to do with (1) rejection, and (2) the reaction to that rejection. Let me explain.

Do you remember when I said that you feel this intense desire to have her (maybe even more intense than usual) because of the rejection?

Well, take this into consideration:

What if YOU could give HER that same kind of rejection? What would happen, then?

Let me tell you exactly what will happen...

The relationship will take a complete turn instantly and she will be compelled to come back to YOU. After that, it would just be a matter of time before SHE asks to get back together.

Now, This Strategy Is Extremely Easy, But Take Heed.

There are right ways and wrong ways to approach this (it can totally backfire if you end up executing it improperly, after all).

This is why I took a lot of time off to document, create, and perfect this particular strategy, step-by-step, inside my top-selling book, ReSeduction.

If she still resists each attempt that you make to fix things and you still keep crashing into a wall each time, then you have to go to this link and take in every single page of it:


I guarantee that after you see the puzzle pieces fitting together, you will stop wondering what you are doing wrong and all of the doubts that you had in your head on what your next move should be will vanish.

To the successful recovery of your relationship!


Ronald Steven, MA
Bestselling author of ReSeduction & DerekRakeHQ coach

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