The Method "Seduction Gurus" Don't Want You To Know About

Warning: The information you are about to receive is reserved for men who want to attract women using social control and influence tactics. If you can't handle this, leave immediately.


You can clearly see that there are no fancy graphics here, no hyped up bullshit, no long "sales" letter for you to read.

If you've heard of the Dark Rake Method, this is the only place you can get it. Period. Forget the stuff you see auctioned or sold elsewhere claiming to be the Dark Rake Method... they're all fake.

The real Dark Rake Method consists of a set of two ebooks - two highly 'covert' hypnosis routines used by master seducers to make any woman fall in love with them in a matter of minutes.

  • Developed with concepts of persuasion and influence and its application in the field of dating and seduction, the Dark Rake Method is designed to be the fastest way to success with women
  • How to induce a hypnotic daze to covertly hypnotize someone in less than 3 minutes...and not found out
  • Why old school hypnotists are totally clueless when it comes to using hypnotism to seduce women
  • Biggest misconception about hypnotism you must avoid, and how it could hinder your progress with women
  • The twin methods of inducing hypnotic state in women - using embedded commands and natural language
  • The exact, word-for-word hypnotic lines a man can use to covertly suggest to women to make them fall in love in the shortest time possible

The Price Of The Dark Rake Method Is $49

And no, there's no bullshit "scarcity tactic" and the price is not "going up next Monday". But I reserve the right to stop selling this anytime I feel like it. I'm currently making this offer to members of DerekRakeHQ only... but if the word leaks out to the public then I'll take this off permanently.

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