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Discover How To Create Speed Rapport And Completely Eliminate The Friend Zone Problem With The Groundbreaking VAKSOG Framework Inside The Dark Rapport Program Available Exclusively For Shogun Method Clients

  • Discover the quickest way to escalate from the Rapport stage to the Attract stage with the never-before-seen VAKSOG methodology
  • Completely sidestep the Friend Zone problem by subtly directing her brain to alter her perception of you (from a friend to a lover)
  • Learn advanced Anchoring, Mirroring and the Truth Camouflage brain hack that will make her accept anything (yes, anything) you tell her as unquestionable truth!

INCLUDES FREE BONUSES: "Three Shogun Sequences" + "Shogun Method: Seven Magic Words" + "The Secret Language" + "Boundary Violation Principle" premium programs

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Build Deep, Authentic Rapport With Your Woman With Cutting-Edge Mind Control Tactics From The Founder Of Shogun Method

You'll Learn How To Create Rapport The Right Way And Make Her See You As the Leading Beacon Of Her Life

  • Discover the one and only reason why guys get friend-zoned (sidestep this very common pitfall and you'll never be seen just as a "friend") - PAGE 9
  • Know the foolproof way to build up rapport in the shortest time possible and escalate to the "Attract" stage easily - PAGE 26
  • Learn a simple, ten-word question which contains an Indirect Command which increases your desirability in her mind without her knowing what you're really trying to do to her (very sneaky!) - PAGE 57
  • Learn about the "Rapport Inflexion Point" and how to use it as a surefire indicator that you have built enough rapport to escalate to "Attract" and "Emotional Addiction" stages - PAGE 45
  • Discover the groundbreaking VAKSOG Framework which shatters the mystery of how a woman's mind develops sexual rapport with a man - PAGE 21
  • Understand how to “hack” the six (6) ways her mind processes the information that she receives from you to "trick" her mind into submitting to your charms - PAGE 18
  • Know how to master the advanced technique of combining Mirroring with the VAKSOG technique to take your body language skills to the next level - PAGE 43
  • Understand the advanced mechanics of placing Anchors on a woman by combining them with subtle VAKSOG triggers - PAGE 33
  • Find out about Linguistic Sequences, an advanced variation of Implanted Commands which lets you plant a suggestion inside a woman's mind covertly - PAGE 49
  • Tool up with an arsenal of advanced Anchor triggers and gestures ready to be placed on the woman that you want to attract - PAGE 36
  • Discover the Truth Camouflage Sequence which misdirects a woman's attention into obeying your commands to her subconscious mind without question - PAGE 50
  • Find out about the one pitfall of the VAKSOG Framework that will sabotage your rapport building efforts to the point of no return (you must know this!) - PAGE 28
  • Learn how to place Negative Anchors in order to induce unpleasant feelings in a woman (good for Boyfriend Destroying!) - PAGE 38
  • ...and more!

With the VAKSOG™ blueprint, you can turbocharge your Rapport building skills and quickly escalate to the "Attract" and "Emotional Addiction" stages in the IRAE Model without the risk of getting friend-zoned

FREE With Dark Rapport: Three (3) Brand New Shogun Sequences For Quick Rapport Building

Never-Seen-Before Routines Specially Designed Using Dark Rapport Principles To Help You Escalate Quickly To "Attract" And "Emotional Addiction" Stages

❝Lavender Rose❞

Designed for lightning speed rapport building, the "Lavender Rose" routine gets a woman to Fractionate between pleasure ("rose petals") and pain ("thorns") in less than three minutes.

❝Subconscious Link❞

Use this rapport-boosting Shogun Sequence to appeal to a woman's affinity for the esoteric and imply a special spiritual connection between you and her.

❝Three Souls❞

Crafted to overcome a woman's sexual inhibitions, this Shogun Sequence will give you the ability to blast through a woman's final resistance to you as you escalate from Rapport to Attract stage and beyond. A must-know!



To open up a woman's subconscious mind to Shogun Method, you'll have to do one thing, and one thing only: to move her from "Cold" Mode to "Hot" mode. Sprinkle these "Seven Magic Words" into your conversations with her, and you'll put her on the fast track to "Hot" Mode!

  • Magic Word #1: "P******" - Fires her into "Hot" Mode like a slingshot. Probably the most powerful Magic Rapport Word ever, bar none.
  • Magic Word #2: "B**" - A sneaky way to plant an idea in her mind without sounding too obvious. Her conscious mind is powerless against filtering this word out - it's weird but true.
  • Magic Word #3: "O***" - A direct command which is usually automatically obeyed due to social conditioning and years of schooling. Exploit it to your benefit.
  • Magic Word #4: "N*****" - Use this Magic Word to shift her attention to what you want immediately. Powerful in supplementing your Shogun Sequences, in particular, the Black Rose Sequence.
  • Magic Word #5: "A***********" - A Magic Word that makes her accept your suggestions without questioning them. Your woman disobeying your wishes? Access her subconscious mind with this Magic Word and get her to comply quickly.
  • Magic Word #6: "B******" - This Magic Word exploits a long-standing female psychology flaw. It's the ultimate hack to "force" a woman to do as you say - simply because they are hard-wired to respond to this Magic Word psychologically.
  • Magic Word #7: "S***" - The "Golden Hammer" of Magic Words! This can be used in combination with the other Magic Words to double or triple your effectiveness in making a woman do what you want her to do.

"Shogun Method: Seven Magic Words" is designed to work hand-in-glove with the Dark Rapport program



A woman can tell you something and mean something entirely different. What most men are missing is what their women are trying to subcommunicate to them. This program gives you the essential knowledge to decode a woman's Secret Language so that you understand her on a deeper level.

  • What Subcommunication is, and why it matters. Unlike men, women subcommunicate - they often say things which are completely the opposite of what they mean (it’s crazy, but true). Discover the “Secret Language” that underpins love and relationships.
  • The art of decoding “Woman-Talk”. Discover her ulterior intentions and why she will never tell you what she really wants and how she really feels.
  • What women want. The problem is twofold: (1) What a woman wants is embedded inside her deep psyche that she doesn’t know consciously what she truly wants, and (2) Even if a woman knows what she wants, she will hide them from you. Learn the TWO things that every woman will want - whether or not they know it.
  • How to use Shogun Method to Subcommunicate with women. This will give you an extra toolset to communicate with your woman - so you know the true meaning behind what she says.
  • Top seven Subcommunication Mistakes. The simplest way to learn Subcommunication is to avoid the common mistakes made by most men. Know these and you’ll be ahead of 99% of men out there. She’ll see you as a man who “gets it” - a special breed of men who “understand” women.


FACT: Women love men who cross the line. Strangely enough, many females find themselves attracted to taboo behavior even when social norms dictate that they should instead feel disgusted.

  • Why Boundary Violation works, or why women love men who cross the line. The more “taboo” you get, the more women will find you intriguing even though they might find your behavior repulsive. Counter-intuitive, but true.
  • How Boundary Violation fits into Shogun Method. It’s all stitched into the Shogun Method knowledge that you already have.
  • The six boundaries to violate. There’s an art to living dangerously. Here, I’ll show you the social norms that you can piss on (and get her secretly attracted to you in the process).
  • The Seven Laws of Boundary Violation. There are some things you must still respect, no matter what. Remember: you’re not violating a boundary just for fun. You’re doing it to trigger her animalistic attraction towards you. Obey this seven laws and you’ll get closer to your goal.
  • The “Sick Seven” Boundary Violation Techniques. The heart, soul and gut of the Boundary Violation Principle. Learn all seven techniques on boundary violation. From the mild (teasing) to the extreme (Master/Slave)… they’re all here!

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