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One Common Yet Highly Damaging Mistake That Needs To Be Singled Out In Order To Ensure That...

  • You don't make the same mistake.
  • You get to steer clear of it if you come close to making that mistake.
  • You get to fix it in case you have ALREADY made the mistake.

This mistake is none other than showing her that you are desperate to have her back.

This includes doing things such as...

  • Telling her how much you love her over and over again.
  • Calling her 24/7 to find out what she's doing.
  • Asking (and almost begging) her for a final chance.
  • Calling her your "soulmate" and saying that you might die without her.
  • Telling her that you will be by her side at all times and will always love her.

All of these things will send a clear message to her - that you're desperate and would do anything to have her.

The consequences would be as follows:

   1. You will push her away even more.
   2. She will be reassured of her decision to leave you.

As mentioned earlier, your girl misses the guy that she met as opposed to the guy that she now sees before her (the needy one).

And, well, women don't hate anything more than clingy guys - the complete opposite of the guy that you were on your first date, basically.

What you have to know is that the window of opportunity in winning her back is very small. However, if you get enough "bad points", that particular window will close forever and crush all of your chances of getting her back.

Now, I know how difficult it is to steer clear of this mistake and because of this, most guys end up making it. Well, guess what? This is to be expected since this reaction is logical when it comes to rejection.

Well, if you REALLY want to get her back, you have to make some big changes from now on. Begin by avoiding these mistakes, so things don't get even worse.

The easiest way to steer clear of this crucial mistake while ensuring that you don't seem desperate anymore would be to re-read, internalize, and completely understand the solution to DEADLY LIE #1 in the previous report.

I cannot keep stressing the importance of this and how much it actually impacts your situation as a whole.

And if this mistake has already been committed, then ending it immediately will help a lot in fixing it.

Now Here's A Question For You...

... it's a question related to what I said earlier (about the NEXT MOST VITAL factor in winning your girl back).

If you were able to get into her shoes and vice versa, so she can feel your feelings right now (that intense desire to win her back), HOW FAST do you think she will run back to you?

Well, I can help you make her feel that...

... and TURN the tables on this breakup, once and for all.

Alright, now is the time to take big action. It is now time to significantly change your breakup's direction and get her to run back into your arms.

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