Five MORE Killer Shogun Sequences Fully Optimized For Texting

Shogun Sequences Over Text Volume 2 contains five more selected Shogun Sequences adapted and 100% optimized for texting

  • Sequence 1: "False Memory". Use this text-based sequence to implant a "false memory" in her mind to convince her that you're her ideal partner. Use at any IRAE stage for quick escalation to the next.
  • Sequence 2: "Cold Mode Engager". If she's about to go anywhere without you, send her this text to activate her "Cold Mode" - so that she is inoculated against guys who will try to hit on her.
  • Sequence 3: "Frozen Tears". This advanced Shogun Sequence is part of an advanced mind game that works on a woman's psyche directly - use as a strategy to turbocharge her attraction levels to you.
  • Sequence 4: "Ladder of Agreement". An adaptation of the classic Shogun Method "Yes Ladder" tactic, text her to quickly build rapport and get compliance established early in the IRAE process.
  • Sequence 5: "Bittersweet". Position your image as high value in her mind, and turn the tables on her - challenge her to chase you for a change. Use at the end of Rapport or early Attract stage, and quickly escalate to the final stage of the IRAE Model with her.

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  • Five best Shogun Sequences ("False Memory", "Cold Mode Engager", "Frozen Tears", "Ladder of Agreement" and "Bittersweet") optimized to be delivered over text
  • Detailed, line-by-line annotation and tactical commentary accompanies each Shogun Sequence
  • Each Shogun Sequence broken down into short, single line texts, ready for copy and paste
  • Specific advice on how to time the delivery of your texts; parsing and response markers included
  • ...and more!



Bonus #1: Sexual Tension 101

When a man keeps getting rejected (or Friend-Zoned), it's due to one reason: the lack of Sexual Tension. Overcome this sticking point with this premium Shogun Method program on how to generate Sexual Tension with any woman you meet:

  1. The best "kind" of Sexual Tension to build with a woman
  2. Why making a woman uncomfortable is the surefire way for you to make her attracted to you quickly
  3. How to build Sexual Tension the right way (hint: use Fractionation which you already learned in the core Shogun Method program)
  4. "Never Blink First" principle in sustaining Sexual Tension once you've built it
  5. Eye contact techniques you can use (remember that Sexual Tension can be largely non-verbal - you can attract a woman without having to say anything!)
  6. Advanced Sexual Tension triggers - how making a woman ANGRY can increase a woman's attraction levels ("transmute" anger into sexual attraction)
  7. "Judo" tactics - how to turn her shit tests into golden opportunities to create Sexual Tension

Finally, understand the dangers of overdoing Sexual Tension - how to know when to pull the brakes so that you don't get past the point of no return. This is important because a woman would protect her emotions to avoid getting hurt DESPITE loving you.


Bonus #2: How To Make A Woman Psychologically Addicted To You

Does your girlfriend or wife not love you as much as you love her? Here’s the reason: she’s not as passionate because she’s not emotionally dependent on you. This Shogun Method Short Guide will show you how to make her “anchor” her happiness on you so that she becomes psychologically addicted to you:

  1. Why you should make her “Emotionally Addicted” instead of “seducing” her - the key differences in mindset and approach
  2. Psychological Addiction 101 - how an addiction develops (in the context of love and relationships)
  3. How to induce the “D” and “S” chemicals in a woman’s brain to make her addicted to you emotionally
  4. How to deploy “Dread Game” to gain power and dominance in your relationship or marriage (in seven steps)
  5. Why "threatening" to having an affair can be the best thing that can ever happen to your relationship or marriage (controversial!)

The material in this guide is geared towards the advanced Shogun, and presumes prior knowledge of core Shogun Method principles. It’s NOT recommended for newbies or those who are not familiar with Shogun Method.



Shogun Sequences Over Text Volume 2

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