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Rooted in advanced psychology and mind control strategies, SonicSeduction works on virtually every female type on the planet - from the homely girl-next-door to the top supermodel of the world

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What's Inside SonicSeduction?

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Module 1: Foundations

This module is the ‘backbone’ of the entire SonicSeduction™ system – get started immediately using this three-step system and achieve results in literally minutes. At the end of the module you will be able to see the ‘big picture’ of seduction – and get the exact roadmap which has led many men just like you to attain the success with women that they desired.

  • The legendary SonicSeduction™ Blueprint - your seduction process mapped from start till finish
  • The detailed overview of the system, and how you can use it NO MATTER what your skill set level is – whether you have just started out, or already have lots of experience in dating women
  • A birds-eye view of all 16 Sonic Seduction™ modules – what they will do for you to equip you with “sonic superpowers” to win in the dating game
  • Seven Crippling Myths of dating women you must know. Warning – do you make any (or all!) these mistakes in dating?
  • Why in reality a woman doesn’t have a damn clue about the man she really wants – and how you can use this to your (unfair) advantage!
  • The Five Levels of Sonic Seduction™ – the easiest way to supercharge your skills and bring your seduction game to the next level

Module 2: The Magic Element

The second module of the SonicSeduction™ system – this is where you will build the bulletproof "core" for your inner game. You will discover about the essentials of having a strong and rooted self identity – using the proprietary C.E.C.R.C. Method.

This module will give you the time-saving shortcuts to obtain the necessary skills that most men never have developed on their own for years. Gear up for success!

  • The “Magic Ingredient” that you 100% MUST have in order to be anything remotely good with women. Miss this at your own peril
  • The unique CECRC Method – the five killer principles that you can immediately use to build SUPREME, unwavering self-confidence
  • A little-known but deadly effective shortcut to gaining “iron-grip” self control – use this technique to control your emotional and mental states at will

Module 3: Sonic Approach Formula

Inside this SonicSeduction™ module you will discover the killer Sonic Approach Formula – containing the step-by-step “warplan” to approach any woman you lay your eyes on, and get her to respond positively to you every single time.

The truth is that you’ll have limited success if you don’t have the skills to approach women confidently and comfortably.  But don’t worry… we’ve got your back. This module will equip you with the tools and techniques you can immediately use to talk to any woman – and get her to fall for you every time.

  • Five simple steps in generating DEEP connection with any woman you meet
  • How to use SonicSeduction™ in three time-sensitive situations – (1) when you have got all the time in the world, or (2) you’ve got an hour or two, or even (3) you have only got 15 seconds to spare!
  • How to understand what ‘rejection’ really is – this nugget of knowledge will change your perception of approaching women forever
  • One quick ‘hack‘ you can quickly use that will improve your approach by 300% - every single time
  • The “Opinion Opener” – why most guys do it the WRONG way, and how you can do it RIGHT and gain an immediate edge over others
  • “The Neutrality Principle” – the one thing that will make or break your rapport with the woman you are approaching
  • The danger of using the WRONG pickup lines – instead discover what to say exactly to get positive responses from her every time
  • “A____ A_____” – the important mindset you must acquire whenever you do a cold approach
  • The “Invade Her Space” technique you can use if you want surefire results with any girl you see in any public location
  • The “Puppy Love” opener – a deadly effective routine you can use to get any woman to warm up to your approach and lower her defenses

Modules #4,5,6,7: The Mind Conditioner, Anxiety Buster + Pre-Game Activator®

This set of four SonicSeduction™ modules comes in MP3 audio format – all you need to do is to listen to these tracks to condition your mind for seduction success!

These Brainwave Entrainment tracks (in MP3 format) come with a complete set of guide sheets (in PDF format) that will guide you step-by-step on how you can use them as part of the SonicSeduction™ system to achieve amazing results – fast.

  • These audio programs are based on the 70-year-old Brain Entrainment / technology that is proven to help you condition your mental state to work on your dating ‘inner game’. All you need is just sit back, listen and enjoy the audio!
  • Brainwave Synchronization is an effective method to help you quickly and easily reprogram your inner thoughts so that you can harness this technology’s benefits to overcome approach anxiety and increase your confidence around women
  • Use these tracks to tap into your hidden potential, unleash your personal magnetism and draw to your true love
  • Break all the mental barriers and limitations that have been holding you back all this time easily
  • For best results, put on these audio tracks before you go out and meet women – think of this as POSITIVE VIBE on DEMAND

Module #8: Approach Routines Playbook

The definitive guide to “sonic-speed” pickup – with detailed instructions on the specific lines to use which are field tested by SonicSeduction™ devotees hundreds of times.

This module will equip you with a set of original routines ready to be unleashed any time of the day, anywhere! Combine this with the Sonic Rapport Arsenal (modules 10, 11 and 12 below) and you’ll have the best rapport building techniques, bar none.

  • Two greatly overlooked locations for meeting women – where you are virtually guaranteed of a successful approach when you use these SonicSeduction™ tactics
  • Dance Floor Strategy – many dating gurus would advise you to get away from the dance floor, but if you know these tricks then approaching women while dancing is just too easy
  • A great way to build instant rapport using your cellphone. Your cellphone is your best wingman if you use it correctly! We will show you how
  • The killer combo pickup line of using both cold reading and humor. Works amazingly effective every time – get her eating out of your hands
  • The Recovery - a simple trick of ‘carrying’ the conversation whenever you feel that you are losing her. This little trick will spike up her interest levels immediately

Module #9: Problem Solver Toolbox

This is a special module designed to be the ultimate ‘fix-it’ toolbox for solving the problems that may pop up – when you are approaching a woman for the first time or are already in a relationship with her.

Facing problems with the woman of your dreams? Having difficulties of getting rejected? Don’t fret – we’ve got your back. Use these SonicSeduction Problem Solver techniques and you’ll never have to worry about problems with women.

  • Discover the Rejection Killer Formula – how you can use a ‘covert’ psychology tactic to stop getting rejected by women (she will feel compelled to obey your wishes and requests – even though she doesn’t know why)
  • Learn the Tease Technique – another tactic to simply stop rejection dead at its tracks – using a fairly ‘mild’ manipulation tactic. Note: absolutely not for the faint-hearted
  • The Anti-Friend Troubleshooter – So she only wants to be ‘friends’? Here’s how to get out from the dreaded ‘friends’ zone – quickly and easily!
  • Top 7 strategies and deadly tactics you can use to instantly stop being treated as a ‘friend’… but as a potential lover

Module #10: Storytelling & Cold Reading

This is one of the biggest SonicSeduction™ modules on how to develop deep rapport with women – learn tactics and techniques on creating emotional connection with women and make them ‘addicted’ to you!

You will get word-for-word examples of verbatims and specific lines on what to say to increase your chances with women and get them to be emotionally hooked on you.

  • A little-known secret about women that will blow you away - guaranteed (and it's about intimate physical escalation)
  • The “Trust Talk” technique - use a ‘covert’ pickup line which are impossible to detect. Earn her trust in the matter of minutes!
  • Why women love stories – and how 99.9% of all women are unable to resist getting hypnotized by a good story.
  • Elements of a BAD story – what you need to know to stop shooting yourself in the foot. You must know this – otherwise you will find it doubly hard to get women interested to talk to you for long.
  • Elements of a GOOD story – the essential principles and techniques you can use to craft a damn good story that will make any woman captivated by you.
  • “What do I talk about?” Canned materials which you can use immediately that will create deep rapport with her – as quickly as 2 1/2 minutes from the moment you start talking to her
  • A 100% tested-and-proven “Celebrity Social Proof” story you can use to get women interested without fail – every time
  • The important “Transitions” tactic that will seamlessly carry you from one conversation thread to the other – so that you come across as smooth as possible
  • Why “Cold Reading” is the most powerful weapon in the seducer’s arsenal – and how you can use it and get immediate results
  • A step-by-step “how-to” quick guide on using the four essential pillars of cold reading
  • Advanced cold reading techniques using tarot cards and palm reading – learn how you can escalate her feelings for you using cutting edge techniques
  • When to STOP cold reading, and why overdoing it will do you more harm than good
  • Essential cold reading exercises – master these and you will be a virtually unstoppable seduction machine

Module #11: Advanced Body Language Tactics

Inside this module you will learn cutting edge body language techniques to make her subconsciously attracted to you within minutes.

Body language is an essential component of any man’s game – this module is all you need to nail this crucial technique for good!

  • How to portray dominant body language that will make you stand out from the rest of the guys anywhere
  • A stupidly simple trick that will increase your height by 4 1/2 inches instantly
  • A technique that ‘forces’ you to maintain eye contact with anyone without fail
  • SonicSeduction™’s patented “Give And Take” Technique – how combining women psychology and body language will increase your ‘desirability factor‘ by 300% of more
  • How to convey that you are the ultimate prize using “Take” body language methods
  • How to tease a woman – by using your facial expressions and by touching her – and make her go absolutely nuts about you!

Module #12: Advanced Humor Tactics

This component of SonicSeduction™ contains the essentials of using humor to get a woman to fall head over heels for you.

The tactics contained in this action-packed module are a combination of humor and woman psychology which is time- and field-tested to perfection. Module 12 is foundational to the SonicSeduction™ philosophy, and not to be missed.

  • Why laughter is the best aphrodisiac – and how making a girl laugh will increase her ‘feelgood‘ hormones which will turn into desire for you
  • Using humor as a surefire method to develop MASSIVE social proof – and make women pre-qualify you in a group
  • How to use subtle sarcasm to make her laugh, and at the same time incite deep emotions within her in order to make a deep impression on her about you
  • Using funny stories to make her get in touch with her feelings, and associate her happy thoughts with you, making her emotionally ‘hooked‘ on you
  • A downright sneaky mind control trick that will get her to fantasize being with you by painting a romantic picture in her mind to ‘fly away with you‘

Module #13: Guide To Dating

This essential component of SonicSeduction™ is chock full of essential strategies that you must use to ‘survive’ the dating game. Learn how to continually captivate a woman and get her to be thrilled to go out with you – whether it’s the first or the fiftieth date!

The biggest mistake that an aspiring ‘pickup artist’ makes is to learn the best approach techniques in the world – and neglecting the essentials of building a great relationship. Don’t fall into the same trap. Use this knowledge to make her yours…forever.

  • The ULTIMATE objective of getting on a date – you must know this or you’ll be heading to failure
  • The fundamentals of planning a date – get these covered and you will always make your date great
  • Dating Dangers – pitfalls you must know, and avoid at all costs
  • Why the “movie date” is the worst ever date which will damage your ability to seduce her!
  • The best dates are those which “Heighten Her Senses” – discover what those dates are and get her attracted to you quickly
  • How to draw her into your world and get her enchanted with you and your life
  • The preferred locations of a date – and why this is the NUMBER ONE factor when deciding where to go
  • Top 11 Ideal Date Spots – go to one of these locations and you will never go wrong
  • So who pays? Discover the golden rule of who pays for the date
  • The rules for “Getting Physical” – stop making mistakes that will brand you a ‘creep’ for life
  • One neat trick that will make her more open to going back to your place after the date!

Module #14: Guide To Getting The Kiss

Getting the kiss don’t have to be difficult at all – you just need to know the right tactics! In this special component of SonicSeduction™, you will learn the unique techniques to get the kiss.

With this manual, you will have the best techniques to get the kiss under your belt – you will never again caught unprepared.

  • How to physically prepare a girl to kiss you – an easy step-by-step method revealed
  • The four approaches to kissing – know these four methods and you will be unstoppable
  • How to know if she is ready to be kissed (by reading her body language)
  • Why waiting till the end of the date to kiss is a BAD idea. Don’t make this common mistake!
  • Two types of sensual touching – and how you can use this to know if she is attracted to you enough to be kissed
  • Why “hugging” is the most underrated seduction technique ever - and how you can use this to amplify her attraction to you
  • The killer “Tease Kiss” technique – discover what it is, and how you can use it, step-by-step
  • H_______ is your worst enemy when it comes to initiating the kiss. Find out how to overcome this deadly mistake

Module #15: Physical Escalation Strategies

This module is the definitive guide on getting her comfortable with you physically and ultimately sealing the deal – it’s all in here.

If you’re looking for “endgame” strategies, they are all covered inside this comprehensive SonicSeduction™ module.

  • Learn about "P_______" – the secret ingredient of seduction and physical attraction
  • How you can ELIMINATE distractions and interruptions so that you can seduce her as smoothly as possible - using Prevention, Hazing and Diversion techniques
  • Why and how flirting can hurt your seduction – and what you should do to overcome any problems that may come up
  • How to smoothly get her to your place by removing all her objections and put her mind at ease using covert suggestion techniques
  • The absolute best method to get her into your bedroom without coming across as a slimeball
  • How to avoid ‘buyer’s remorse’ using the specific techniques of blasting through last minute resistance

Module #16: Guide To Relationships

This is for you if you want to ‘play for keeps’. Whether you want to devote yourself to one special girl or want to build an entire harem of beautiful women all devoted to you – here are the essential strategics, tips and tactics to maintain long term relationships.

With this guide, you will have the powers to captivate women for the long term (or for as long as you wish!)

  • So you’ve found a girl you really like, and things seem to be heading beyond a casual encounter. Discover the ways to keep the passion going and the fire burning strong
  • How to survive the “Honeymoon Phase” – things you must do to strengthen your relationship, and mistakes you must avoid at all costs
  • The definitive Eight Step Formula to communicate better with your woman and make her appreciate you for being with her, all the time
  • The “Sanity List” – what you need to do to keep sane – and get alternative emotional outlets in your life!
  • Why you should NOT rely solely on her, and why it is important to give as much as you take

Bonus Module: SonicSeduction Case Study

This is a concise, blow-by-blow account of how a student of SonicSeduction™ used the system to attract a woman he met at a party in Boston. Jam packed with the actual lines I used as well as a very specific breakdown of the steps I took – consider this a masterclass in seduction from start till finish.

Given the amount of knowledge you are going to get in the whole SonicSeduction™ package, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. Worry not – this module will give you a detailed step-by-step roadmap so that you hit the ground running – and get immediate results!

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