Uncover The Truth Behind Her Lies By Exploiting The Biggest Psychological Weakness In The Female Mind

Discover How To Extract The Truth From Her Even If She Is Unwilling To Be Honest With You... The Shogun Method Truth Extractor Shows You The Way

  • 56-page detailed Truth Extraction™ Blueprint on how to brute-force the truth out of her even if she is uncooperative
  • Exploit her psychological weakness and know exactly what she is thinking with a series of three simple questions (the Truth Triad technique)
  • Harness the tactics used by professionals like the FBI and CIA to put their targets under their dominance and control
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  • FREE: Advanced Dread Game: Gut Mirroring is now added to this program as a bonus.
  • FREE: Cheat Detection Toolkit premium program.
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Arm yourself with industrial strength lie detection and truth extraction tactics

With The Truth Extractor You'll Take Full Control Of Your Relationship Once Again, Guaranteed

  • The world's one and only Lie Detection and Truth Extraction system customized for the use on women in dating and relationships
  • Works hand-in-glove with Shogun Method core principles which you are already familiar with
  • Tap into her psychological vulnerability to get her to confess the truth by asking her three (3) questions inside the "Truth Triad"
  • Use six (6) Truth Extraction Sequences (similar to Shogun Sequences) to dig into her psyche and "extract" her thoughts any time you like
  • How to use Mirroring to create subconscious rapport with her so that she becomes defenseless as you get her to tell you the truth
  • Learn how to turbo-charge your Truth Extraction Sequences with Shogun Method tactics like Devalidation and ATTRACT/REPEL to bring your game to the next level
  • Discover how to use Shogun Method Emotional Addiction strategies to destroy her capacity to lie to you ever gain!
  • Use the six (6) Silence Breaker strategies to push her off the edge and remove her "last minute resistance" to surrender to you completely
  • Bonus: Discover the best five (5) quick Lie Detection tactics (Fact Checker, Throw-In-A-Lie, Exhibit A, Truth Hurts and Into The Unknown) which you can use to catch if someone is lying to you, anywhere
  • ...and more!

Decode her mind and know exactly what she's thinking with the proven 3-step Truth Extraction™ methodology


Gut Mirroring is the advanced version of the standard Shogun Method Dread Game technique which gives Shoguns powers to reignite the fading feelings of a weary girlfriend or wife

  • Learn “Gut Mirroring”, the advanced evolution of the essential Dread Game technique used by Shoguns to strengthen their relationships with their girlfriends and wives
  • Discover how to keep a relationship or marriage going strong by inducing the right amount of dread inside your girlfriend or wife
  • Find out how females think differently than us men, and with that knowledge, learn how to use your Shogun Method techniques strategically to make them work on the female mind
  • Explore the female mind phenomenon of “Mirroring The Tells” - know why women have strong gut feelings about men which can be deadly accurate
  • CONTROVERSIAL! Why “emotionally cheating” on her will strengthen your relationship or marriage (or reverse an impending breakup)
  • Learn how to manipulate a woman’s gut feelings to make her FEEL extreme dread without you having to say a single word
  • Find out about the pitfalls of Gut Mirroring to avoid (this is a risky technique and so you MUST know these or risk destroying your relationship or marriage for good)
  • ...and more!

Gut Mirroring is an advanced Shogun Method program that is free only with the Truth Extractor program

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The Cheat Detection Toolkit gives you a step-by-step methodology to detect if your woman is cheating with amazing accuracy. Designed to work hand-in-glove with the Truth Extraction Framework inside the core Truth Extraction program.

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