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Support Information

Hello! My name is Kathy Yin, and I am the Customer Happiness Manager assigned to take care of you as Derek's client.

My job is to ensure that  you are completely happy with our products! If you need my help, or if you have any questions at all, create a support ticket here and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as I can.

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Advanced Addons

Activate your Inner Zen of calm, confidence and charisma. The ZenActivator Suite is a guided meditation program by Zan Azahiro, engineered to guide you to into effortless serenity. Special deal for Shoguns: click here for the discounted link

  • Nine high-powered Activator tracks recorded in high definition audio for optimal experience
  • Built with state-of-the-art cognitive improvement technology and best practices in hypnosis
  • Comes with three bonuses: the ZenActivator Playbook, Optimism Activation Workout and GRIP! Confidence on Command
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The Daily Shogun program provides a proven, step-by-step roadmap to ultimate mastery of Shogun Method.

  • A "chunked down" version Shogun Method delivered in bite-sized bits of knowledge - designed for quick action and immediate results
  • One email every morning with a key Shogun Method technique with detailed explanation, additional examples, Shogun Sequences and clear action steps
  • Key insights from Shogun Method and the larger Derek Rake knowledge base (Dark Rapport, Barnum Manuscript, Truth Extractor, SM³, ReSeduction 2.0 and more)
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The Shogun Sequences Handbook contains a brand new set of 25 Shogun Sequences to complement the ones that you already have in the core Shogun Method™ course. Think of these as additional ammunition in your Shogun Method™ arsenal!

  • With these Shogun Sequences you'll put even the most difficult woman under your control... and make her willingly surrender to your authority and dominance
  • Includes previously locked-in-the-vault routines: the infamous Dark Shadow Sequence and an improved variation of the Illness Pattern
  • "Notes From The Field" manual contains important tips on how to deploy Shogun Sequences effectively in order to get the best results for you
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Shogun Method X is the extension of Shogun Method into the realm of power, influence and social control. Use it to project power, gain influence & command slavish obedience from men and women. For advanced Shogun Method practitioners only. Access control is enforced.

  • Use Fractionation on anyone to get compliance and subconscious obeyance (advanced knowledge!)
  • Build mass movements or persuade an individual to adopt your cause as his own: the choice is yours
  • Comes with the Hypnotic Storytelling Trilogy: the de facto standard of Shogun Method storytelling in three volumes
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8-minute self-hypnotizer program. The Saimin-Jutsu is developed with the same technology that powers up Zan Azahiro's ZenActivator Suite. Free for all Shoguns.

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The Dark Rapport program will help you build intense, deep rapport with a woman in the shortest time possible. Use our proprietary "VAKSOG" technique to eliminate Friend Zone problems and transition from "Rapport" to "Attract" stage effortlessly.

  • Discover the quickest way to escalate from the "Rapport" stage to the "Attract" stage with the never-before-seen VAKSOG™ methodology
  • Completely sidestep the "Friend Zone" problem by brute-forcing her brain to alter her perception of you (from a friend to a lover)
  • Learn advanced Anchoring, Mirroring and the "Truth Camouflage" brain hack that will make her accept anything (yes, anything) you tell her as unquestionable truth!
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ReSeduction 2.0 is the darkest, most sinister “get your ex back” method you’ll ever find in a lifetime, period.

  • Exploit her her past memories and experiences with you to make her suffer through emotional pain and grief
  • Make her come back to you so that she can stop the emotional pain and psychological torture that she will suffer from when she is not with you
  • Once restored, bulletproof your relationship from any possibility of breakup in the future
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The Intrigue Black Book™ is an advanced add-on to the core Shogun Method™ course, focusing on the first (and most important!) stage of the IRAE Model - Intrigue. Discover how to use advanced Intrigue Pings to capture a woman's attention and get her fascinated with you quickly.

  • How to use Advanced Intrigue Pings to put your target under hypnotic trance
  • How to infuse your Intrigue Pings with trance-inducing statements, get your target to relax and put her guard down instantly
  • The "L*** M*" Intrigue Ping that subconsciously increase your sex appeal in her mind - sneaky yet highly effective!
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With the Barnum Manuscript, you'll arm yourself with the most persuasive manipulation technique in the world! In this prized manuscript, you'll discover how to induce the notorious "Barnum Effect" in her mind and put her under your thumb instantly.

  • Discover how to quickly induce the "Barnum Effect" inside a woman's mind and make her feel an instant connection with you
  • Get a systematic, step-by-step breakdown of proven Barnum Statements and know exactly why they work so well
  • Get a systematic, step-by-step breakdown of proven Barnum Statements and know exactly why they work so well
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The Truth Extractor program gives you an advanced ability to detect if a woman is lying and to extract the truth from her even if she is unwilling to be honest with you. Recommended for clients who have already mastered the foundational Shogun Method™ course.

  • 56-page detailed Truth Extraction™ Blueprint on how to "brute-force" the truth out of her even if she is uncooperative
  • Exploit her psychological weakness and know exactly what she is thinking with a series of three simple questions (the "Truth Triad")
  • Harness the tactics used by professionals like the FBI and CIA to put your woman under your dominance and control
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Build and fortify your inner game in 8 short minutes a day. The Masculinity Activator is eveloped with the same technology that powers the Rolls Royce of guided meditation programs–the ZenActivator.

  • Quick, easy, effective. Find a quiet spot, close your eyes and press play. Done.
  • Powered by groundbreaking E.V.A.M.A technology. Built by the same engineers behind the famous ZenActivator Suite.
  • The Shogun's inner game weapon of choice. Works hand-in-glove with Shogun Method to deliver a seamlessly rich experience.
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Three new volumes of Generation 2.0 Shogun Method knowledge to up your game and bring you to relationship mastery. The set of Shogun Method Mindbombs includes the Emotional Addiction 2.0 bonus program.

  • Book 1: Mental Fortitude. Developing mental strength will set an upward trajectory in your life–it's the key to having everything: love, health, career, money, relationships, power and influence. This book shows you how.
  • Book 2: R² Role Reversal. This strategy turns the relationship game around and psychologically forces the woman to be the chaser instead. Tired of being the one who tries hard to make things work in your relationship? Then do this.
  • Book 3. Frame Control. Develop the ability to create the cult of one with your woman - so that you can make her submit to your leadership happily and willingly.
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The Shogun Method for Married Men (SM³) program will transform your wife’s disobedience into subservience, compliance and unquestioning love.

  • Develop deep understanding on how the mind of the married female works
  • Get the ultimate arsenal of tactics and Shogun Sequences that exploit her deep psychological flaws, putting her under your control and dominance
  • Learn why dating OTHER women while married can work wonders for your marriage (super controversial!)
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Apply the wisdom of the ancient greeks to persevere, to excel, to conquer, to rule. Live the life of a philosopher king–be the Stoic Shogun.

  • Memento Mori. The stoic maxim of the ages; what will you do today if you die tomorrow?
  • Nolite Solliciti Isse. The antidote to directionlessness and lack of focus
  • Vincit Qui Se Vincit. The key to actualizing yourself into the Man you want to be
  • Summum Bonum. The biggest secret to the pursuit of happiness and fulfilment in life
  • Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. The distillation of the wisdom of the ancient warrior kings into one maxim
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Dark Spirituality is for men who want to explore the darker side of their masculinity. Access restricted to the top 1% of Shoguns.

  • Discover the five axioms of Dark Spirituality: Heterodoxy, Vengefulness, Excess, Fearlessness and Narcissism
  • Learn the difference between a dark persona and the desire to do evil–how you can be both dark and righteous
  • Limited availability. Access granted based on experience and standing as a Shogun
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Beyond Enslavement is under development. This program is not open to the public, and participation is exclusively by invitation only.

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A collection of the latest breakthroughs in Shogun Method™, with enhancements to classic Implanted Commands and two "Booster" tactics that make your delivery of the Black Rose Sequence more effective. The Black Book series is strictly for advanced Shogun Method™ users only.

  • "The Root" - a simple hack that increases the effectiveness of the delivery of Shogun Method techniques by +300%
  • How to use C*** A******* to make it easier for the Black Rose to sink into her brain as the Enslavement effect takes root in her psyche (with complete verbatims and word-for-word routine)
  • Five ready-to-use Advanced Implanted Commands (including a brand new Boyfriend Destroyer!)
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The second installment of the Shogun Method Black Book series includes three Enslavement Mind Games, two new techniques: (Pacing+Leading and the "Yes Ladder"), five common Rapport Stage sticky points and the advanced version of the classic Value Elicitation technique.

  • Learn "Emotional Blackmail" - women have been using this manipulative tactic on men for ages... now it's our chance to play this Mind Game back on them!
  • How to identify a woman's "emotional keywords" and use them as your secret weapon to trigger her Hot Mode whenever you want
  • How to use "Pacing Statements" to distract a woman's conscious mind and keep her in "HOT" mode while you manipulate her subconscious
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The third volume in the Shogun Method Black Book series features a collection of new Shogun Sequences focused on the latter stages of the IRAE Model:

  • Learn how to create "Fake Memories" inside a woman's mind, and make her "remember" things and events that will benefit you (yes, it's possible)
  • Discover how to "overload" a woman's conscious mind so that she becomes too confused to refuse you as you manipulate her subconscious mind
  • Use the "Double Bind" to force a woman to always make choices that you want her to make (and she'll feel as if she's making those choices herself consciously)
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The fourth volume of the Shogun Method Black Book represents the "Next Generation" of Shogun Method tactics, unleashing a torrent of deadly effective Mind Control techniques which any Shogun Method practitioner can use to enhance their Enslavement abilities.

  • Expands on the Shogun Method techniques that you already know and love
  • Contains five killer Shogun Method techniques from the Insider Labs: "Misdirection", "Inoculation", "Open Loop", "Reverse Friend Zone" and "Three Connectors"
  • These tactics are handpicked from thousands of tactics that we test in the Derek Rake Insider Labs, and are proven to be the “cream of the crop” when it comes to effectiveness and ease-of-use
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The second volume of the Shogun Sequences Handbook features 25 more Shogun Sequences that will turbocharge your Enslavement powers to the next level. Recommended for the intermediate and advanced Shogun Method practitioner.

  • Deploy these Shogun Sequences and breeze through the IRAE stages quickly
  • Includes the infamous "False Memory Sequence" - use this to create fake memories in her mind that are favourable to you (controversial!)
  • Free "Notes From The Field" add-on module provides crucial guidance on how to deliver each Shogun Sequence at its maximum effectiveness
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Texting On Steroids 2.0 is Shogun Method adapted to be used for texting. Great for both beginners (who experience face-to-face approach anxiety) and seasoned player, this program contains proven text templates that will interest and intrigue her.

  • How to put your game on autopilot with a sequence of battle-tested text messages delivered over seven days
  • Learn what to text on each of the IRAE stages - with sample text routines ready for you to copy and paste
  • Contains exclusive text-based Enslavement tactics not found anywhere else
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Shogun Sequences Over Text is a collection of five Shogun Sequences which have been tweaked to be delivered over text messages. Each Sequence comes in ready-to-text format with detailed annotation and tactical commentary for best results. Works great with Texting On Steroids 2.0.

  • Five best Shogun Sequences ("The Asshole Theory", "Butterflies In Your Stomach", "Boyfriend Smasher", "Illness Pattern" and "Emptiness Pattern") optimized to be delivered over text
  • Detailed, line-by-line annotation and tactical commentary accompanies each Shogun Sequences
  • Each Shogun Sequence broken down into short, single line texts, ready for copy and paste. Specific advice on how to time the delivery of your texts; parsing and response markers included
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Shogun Sequences Over Text Volume 2 is the official follow-up material for the original Shogun Sequences Over Text. It features five more Shogun Sequences optimized for text delivery.

  • False Memory. The text sequence that implants a fake memory inside her mind–whatever you like
  • Cold Mode Engager. Inoculate her against other men who hit on her
  • Frozen Tears. Advanced texting sequence that amplifies her attraction to you
  • Ladder of Agreement. Adaptation of the classic Yes Ladder technique inside Shogun Method that you can use to text her
  • Bittersweet. Use this text sequence to escalate to the Enslavement stage inside the IRAE Model
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Classic Programs

The new Online Dating Playbook 2.0 shows you how you can use Shogun Method on a woman online (so that you can dominate her even when you’re not with her physically).

  • Learn everything you need to know to use Shogun Method online: scripts, routines and Shogun Sequences optimized for online delivery
  • Discover the "VCEA Model" - the IRAE Model equivalent for online dating - Visibility, Clickthrough, Engagement, Action
  • Find out how to send emotionally compelling messages online that will make a woman desire you tremendously
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WARNING: This is the only place where you can obtain a copy of the Dark Rake Method. Forget the stuff getting sold elsewhere or auctioned for $1,000 on eBay - they are all fake.

  • Developed with concepts of persuasion and influence and its application in the field of dating and seduction, the Dark Rake Method is designed to be the fastest way to success with women.
  • This is absolutely NOT for beginners.
  • To buy this, you must have NO moral objection to using covert, "slightly shady" tactics to attract women, and you promise NOT to use these techniques to harm women.
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Alpha Male Activator is a brainwave entrainment program built by the Silicon Valley based ActivatorTech, Inc especially for Derek Rake's clients. Engineered by Aaron Allman, these high definition audio tracks boost confidence and charisma levels through brainwave synchronization and subliminal messaging.

  • Eliminates approach anxiety, negative thinking, stress and depressive moods
  • Programs your mind to radiate natural confidence in all social situations
  • Boosts alpha levels in the brain through auto-suggestion and visualization
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Our most controversial program ever, the Boyfriend Destroyer System is developed specifically for one purpose only: the seduction of attached women. WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS ON MARRIED WOMEN.

  • The "Core" Boyfriend Destroyer program contains the blueprint on identifying and exploiting her boyfriend's weak points
  • The Patterns module contains specific sequences and patterns that will hack into her mind and sow seeds of doubts about her boyfriend
  • The Advanced Boyfriend Annihilator module contains advanced patterns to be used to associate bad feelings with her boyfriend
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SonicSeduction is Derek Rake's flagship "natural game" course, covering the complete attraction process from start till finish. For all skill levels: from the absolute beginner to the seasoned Casanova. This program presents an alternative (but complementary) view of relationships to Shogun Method.

  • The most complete attraction blueprint available anywhere - complements Shogun Method's IRAE Model perfectly
  • Covers everything from the approach to rapport building and "closing the deal"
  • Includes the famous Problem Solver Toolbox to help you overcome all your sticking points
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Conversational Seduction is an intermediate course on building quick rapport and generating deep attraction through casual conversation in common social situations and locations.

  • The only comprehensive course focused on deep rapport building available anywhere
  • Goes beyond cheesy pickup lines and other PUA trickery like "negging"
  • Builds on Shogun Method's rapport tactics - don't BUY Conversational Seduction if you don't have access to Shogun Method
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Older women are more experienced in the game of love and life, and therefore can be trickier to attract. The Cougar Seduction system is designed for the younger man to master the game of seducing women in their 30's and 40's.

  • How to overcome the common "You're Too Young For Me" objection
  • Learn "Experience Stacking" techniques that will increase her desire for younger men like you
  • Sample scripts, lines and date ideas that appeal to the cougar demographic, and more
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SeductionOnSteroids is the world's first Attraction Roadmap, outlining the 10 steps that a typical male takes to attract a woman from start till finish. It gives you a logical, step-by-step method to get you to the woman of your dreams using a potent combination of Derek Rake's tactics.

  • The world's first, most complete Attraction Roadmap charting the seduction process from step 1 to 10
  • Combination of Derek Rake's best tactics uniquely developed for each of the different 10 steps
  • Access only to DerekRakeHQ members which means that these techniques are not overexposed
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